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Mixing Equipment Heat Transfer Pumps Valves & Intruments

Chemineer is a supplier of mixing solutions and products to customers worldwide since 1952. Chemineer distinguishes itself from competitors with its pioneer spirit, technical innovations and willingness to partner with its customers on mixing designs. Chemineer fluid mixing knowledge, supported by the best application software, proprietary mixer designs, and strong laboratory analysis enables it to be the preferred supplier of fluid mixing equipment. This includes Top Entry, Side Entering and Static Mixing.
Chemineer Express Parts & Service

Kenics, a division of Chemineer Inc., manufactures a complete line of static mixer technologies. Capable of mixing turbulent and laminar streams, low and high viscosity, Kenics can meet the process need. The technology is expanded into the heat exchanger line utilizing the mixer element for higher heat transfer coefficients. See below.

A division of Chemineer, Inc., manufactures Belt-Drive, Side -Entry Agitators. Easily maintained rugged bearing frames combined with the latest impeller technology offer proven performance.

Greerco, a division of Chemineer Inc., offers a full range of tank mounted and in-line high shear mixers for laboratory and production scale. This includes both sanitary and industrial models.


Heat Transfer Equipment

Plate Heat Exchangers
The Alfa Laval family of Plate Heat Exchangers centers on a broad range of plate styles to improve efficiency and service cycle including Wide Gap options for fouling processes.
The Laser Welded Alfa Laval Compabloc Heat Exchanger utilizes high efficiency plate design in a package that can handle high temperature and pressure. Ideal for chemically agressive services.
Spiral Heat Exchangers
Exceptional compactness and self cleaning design make Alfa Laval Spiral Heat Exchangers extremely versatile. Ideal for dirty fluids and slurries .
Welded Heat Exchangers
Alfa Laval also makes other welded and Brazed Heat Exchangers, including the Alfa Disk, the Alfa Rex, and Alfa Nova. These welded designs cover a broad range of temperature and pressure.
Ametek FPP
The leader in Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers. Shell and Tube designs for corrosive applications, replacing expensive metal alloys. Immersion coils are well suited for metal finishing solutions.
Kenics Heat Exchangers
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with edge sealed Kenics elements for anti fouling, plug flow, sensitive materials and higher heat transfer rates.


Positve Displacement Pumps

Roper Pumps
Roper Pump is a leading supplier of Helical Gear , Progressing Cavity, Triple Screw and Rotary Lobe Pumps. This includes the 3600 Series and the SS ROC Pump with Mag-Drive capability
Zenith Pumps
Zenith precision gear pumps offer extreme accuracy and uniform, pulseless flow in metering applications. Pressures up to 10,000 psig, and Mag Drive options. Feedback, closed loop control eliminates redundant flow meters.
Nikkiso Pumps
Nikkiso Non-Seal Canned Motor Pumps provide centrifugal pump performance with leak free benefits. No shaft seals, leak paths or motor couplings. With Double containment housing and bearing wear monitoring.
Lewa Pumps
Lewa is a worldwide manufacturer of high pressure, high accuracy, diaphragm and plunger metering pumps.


Valves and Instruments

Brooks Instruments
With more than 60 years of experience, Brooks brings Coriolis Mass, Thermal Mass, and Variable Area flow and pressue control technologies to improve critical processes. Brooks also offers a line of Magnetic Level Gauges and products.
Shand & Jurs
Shand & Jurs has manufactured industrial tank equipment for more than 80 years. Conservation Vents, Flame Arresters, Detonation Arresters,Tank Gauging Instruments and Blanketing Valves


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