Heat Transfer Equipment

Plate Heat Exchangers
The Alfa Laval family of Plate Heat Exchangers centers on a broad range of plate styles to improve efficiency and service cycle including Wide Gap options for fouling processes.

Spiral Heat Exchangers
Exceptional compactness and self cleaning design make Alfa Laval Spiral Heat Exchangers extremely versatile. Ideal for dirty fluids and slurries.

The Laser Welded Alfa Laval Compabloc Heat Exchanger utilizes high efficiency plate design in a package that can handle high temperature and pressure. Ideal for chemically agressive services.

Welded Heat Exchangers
Alfa Laval also makes other welded and Brazed Heat Exchangers, including the Alfa Disk, the Alfa Rex, and Alfa Nova. These welded designs cover a broad range of temperature and pressure.

Ametek FPP
The leader in Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers. Shell and Tube designs for corrosive applications, replacing expensive metal alloys. Immersion coils are well suited for metal finishing solutions.

Kenics Heat Exchangers
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with edge sealed Kenics elements for anti fouling, plug flow, sensitive materials and higher heat transfer rates.